Whitney and Justin

What can I say simply beautiful.  Sometimes we just have to let moments happen, especially to Whitney and Justin.  Thanks for all the wonderful, colorful ideas!


Lori & Family

Lori, You have a beautiful family.  I was blessed to be able to spend the time I did with you guys…Your father is still hilarious like I remembered him to be!


Jake, you have a such wonderful charisma.  Thank you for taking off on this senior adventure and allowing us to go place (tunnels, alleys) where we may not normally go. 

Brianna and family

I absolutely loved shooting these pictures.  Just one more picture…:)  You have a beautiful family and I'm thankful for you guys in our lives….


I took your photos when you are 6 years old with your beautiful crooked little teeth and the goofy little clicks of your fingers.  You are now 17 years old, a senior in high school, tears.   Time has flown by and have grown up to be a beautiful young lady.  McKenna, I had a wonderful time with you and Mom.  Thank you for just being you…xoxo  

Grace — Senior Portraits

I met Grace for the first time at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Such poise, and natural beauty – she was undoubtedly “easy to shoot." Not much direction needed. Grace was just herself and allowed us to have fun. One after the other, different outfits… from fun to sexy to sports—little did I know I was photographing a state champion! Grace, I wish you the best of luck, to follow your dreams and do something you love to do. :-) Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your senior photos. Was an honor.


I was asked to photograph Becc’s family under unfortunate circumstances. Becc’s father is not doing well health wise. Knowing her as well as I do, this shoot was especially difficult for me. This was all last minute so I didn’t have a lot of emotional prep time. Much to my surprise, Becca and her family rolled in a picnic table, some wine and cheese (and beer). Needless to say this shoot was far from difficult, emotionally. With Becca’s vibrant personality (and shirt too), Sean’s teasing and her family's willingness to just have fun - with so much love coming in every direction. Skip, you are the reason why I do what I love.